Prof. Susanne Bügel (INSUM Coordinator)
University of Copenhagen
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Rolighedsvej 26, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Tel.: +45 35332490, Mobile: +45 24210383

Prof. Susanne Bügel has a broad expertise in Nutrition and health, covering the influence of primary food production (organic, low input, conventional), processing (e.g. heat treatment), food composition and nutrient interactions. Prof. Bügel is involved in projects trying to describe sustainable diets using the Meddiet and New Nordic diet as models for a sustainable diet.

Prof. Carola Strassner
FH Münster University of Applied Sciences
Department of Food – Nutrition – Facilities
Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster, Germany
Tel.: +49 2518365415

Carola Strassner is fulltime tenured Professor at FHM and Faculty Council Member in the Dept. of Food, Nutrition & Facilities. She specializes in food systems sustainability, a whole systems approach to sustainability in the sphere of food and nutrition, especially the out-of-home context and alternative food networks. She is also a managing partner of the business company a’verdis – Sustainable Foodservice Solutions. Her research activities are therefore enriched by very close proximity to practice and a wide, well-established network of researchers and practitioners.

Assoc. Prof. Dominika Srednicka-Tober
Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Institute of Human Nutrition Sciences
Department of Functional and Organic Food
Nowoursynowska 159c, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland
Tel. +48 698 11 60 11

Assoc. Prof. Dominika Średnicka-Tober works in the Institute of Human Nutrition Sciences, Department of Functional and Organic Food of WULS-SGGW. She has broad experience in research and education activities in the area of organic food systems and organic food quality & health. She is also an expert in the evidence-based science, with focus on meta-analysis.