2nd International Workshop on indicators of somatic health took place in Warsaw on 17th-18th October 2022

The 2nd INSUM International Workshop was held by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences on 17th-18th October 2022, in a hybrid format, bringing together 28 participants (17 on-site and 11 on-line) from various scientific institutions from Poland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, UK, The Netherlands, including 10 representatives of the INSUM consortium. The invited experts provided valuable contributions in the areas of somatic health indicators and markers of dietary change, ecoregions, organic food quality and health aspects, study designs, markers researched and major outcomes of selected research studies, as well as digital solutions to monitor diet, lifestyle factors & health indicators. The workshop was divided into sessions taking place in one afternoon (14:00-18:30) and the following morning (9:30-13:00), and was structured to allow significant space for lively discussions among participants. The workshop served as a first important step towards building a strong research consortium. Many participants expressed their interest in continuing research cooperation with the INSUM group. The outcomes of the workshop will be described in the 2nd INSUM consensus paper, which is now in preparation.

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